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Sam Pfeiffer sammypfeiffer at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 16:17:39 EDT 2019

Just wanted to say:

Great initiative :) I hope it brings activity and improvements with a
healthy and fun community.

Good luck on your endeavors also!

On Sun, Sep 8, 2019, 19:20 Adrian Thurston <thurston at colm.net> wrote:

> Hi Everyone
> Just to let you know that I'm moving the projects over to github. The
> main reason for this is that I'm starting to look for full-time work and
> no longer attempting to build a business around ragel and colm. This
> lets me open-up development a little more, since some of the work I had
> been doing included making modifications to ragel and colm that I could
> not necessarily do out in the open. Since I'm stopping this pursuit I
> decided to simplify things and move to github. Probably discussion will
> move over there as well. Some of you may recall these projects have been
> on github before and it tends to draw in activity. Also I've noticed a
> large number of users wanting to use systems like stack exchange. Right
> now I'm not sure of the future of the mailing lists. We will see I
> guess.
> Thanks!
> Adrian
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