[ragel-users] Re: State Chart Finishing Actions?

Bob Paddock graceindustr... at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 17:55:44 UTC 2008

Am I not understanding something here, or is there
a bug with State Charts in 6.1?

I'm dealing with a serial protocol.  I want to stay
in the starting state until I receive a ">".

Here is a snippet of have I have:

action Starting {
 wxLogVerbose( _("Starting [State{%d}]") , cs );

bootloader = (
 start: (
  '>' @start_signal_received -> UnitID
  any*                       -> start # Only a '>' means anything to us in
the starting state

 UnitID: (
  '>' @start_signal_received   -> UnitID         |

 'A' @{ DeviceID_u16 = 1; }    -> FlashSize      |

Everything seems to work but the action 'Starting' is called for
*EVERY* state in the chart.  If this is what any* does, this
isn't what I want.  I only want 'Starting' called when I
transition from 'start' to 'UnitID'.  Once I leave 'start'
I don't want to see any more 'Starting' message.


Example output:
13:22:49: >
13:22:49: Execute[0x3E]  {Byte passed to write exec}
13:22:49: Begin
13:22:49: Synchronization Signal Received.
13:22:49: Starting [State{2}]  {This is good, it belongs here}

13:22:49: [Not printable]
13:22:49: Execute[0x95]
13:22:49: Starting [State{4}] {This is *BAD*, doesn't belong here}
13:22:49: Device_ID=8, EXECCODE=00FF, PageMul = 8

13:22:49: o
13:22:49: Execute[0x6F]
13:22:49: Starting [State{5}] {This is *BAD*, doesn't belong here}
13:22:49: DeviceFlashSize = 65536

If I use *any in other states then they show up in the list when
then should not as well.

Compiled on  Windows with Digital Mars Compiler with:

BootLoaderStateChart.cpp: BootLoaderStateChart.rl
 G:\U\Ragel61\bin\ragel -s BootLoaderStateChart.rl -o
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