6.0 released

jupp_g jup... at hotmail.de
Sun Jan 13 20:19:48 UTC 2008


I found a few minor issues and generated a patch file. If I can't
upload it, I'll mail to Adrian.

(1) It seems that some of language independent tests miss the
statement "@NEEDS_EOF: yes", otherwise all tests run fine.

(2) The code generators include "unistd.h", which is not necessary.
This is not a problem if ragel is compiled on a platform that has this
file, if not, unnecessary preprocessor statements are necessary.

(3) On Windows, Ragel can be compiled using the Microsoft C/C++
compiler (without a lot of changes). My patch includes a couple of
"Makefile.msc" files. Inside cygwin the build ist started by calling
"make --file=Makefile.msc" from the top directory (make not nmake!). I
guess the old Visual Studio files are still more or less valid, but
the this version does not reference unistd.h, whereas the VS project
includes a dummy unistd.h.

(4) For the Windows platform the combination GetCurrentProcess()/
GetModuleFileNameEx() is ok, but a simple GetModuleFileName( NULL,
imageFileName, len ) would do the trick as well, since the "NULL
module" "belongs" to the current process.


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