Help with extracting a list of numbers

Manoj Rajagopalan ma... at
Tue Mar 25 22:01:35 UTC 2008

Hi all,

   I'm trying to write a pattern to extract a list of numbers following 
the keyword bond and I'm not able to figure out why my pattern below 
always skips the last number

   My input is of the form:

   bond <number> <number> ...

     machine bond_parser;

     whole_number = digit+    >to{intVal=0;}   ${intVal = intVal*10 + 
(fc-'0');}    ;

     main :=
         space* 'bond'
         (space+ whole_number %printNumber)+
         space* 0;

where printNumber is an action to print the number just updated into the 
integer variable intVal.

The 0 at the end of the pattern is the NULL character that cin.getline() 
adds when reading upto the newline character from the console.

I realize this may be due to the leaving action for the last number that 
never gets called but could someone tell me a way around this?


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