[ragel-users] Re: problems with java generation in ragel 6.x trunk

Stephen Bannasch stephen.banna... at deanbrook.org
Mon Mar 24 15:44:16 UTC 2008


> > HpricotScanService.java:822: cannot find symbol
>> symbol  : variable te
>> location: class HpricotScanService
>>	te = -1;
>>          ^
>The "tokstart" and "tokend" variables should be renamed to "ts" and "te", as
>of Ragel 6.0.

Thanks Andrei and Wincent for the pointers. I've got it working in trunk ragel.

I've now got two very similar ragel source files. One for use with Ragel < 6.0 and the other for Ragel version >= 6.0.

I'd like to be able to create a ragel file that will compile in ragel 5.x and 6.x but didn't see any macro capability in Ragel.

I could use a simple preprocessor (probably Ruby ERB since the rest of the code is in Ruby) to process a single ragel source file and send the ouput to Ragel 6 or 5.25.

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