[colm] Literals with backtick "transformation language that is closer to general-purpose programming, languages" ?

Domingo Alvarez Duarte mingodad at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 00:27:10 UTC 2017

Hello !
I'm reading thurston-phdthesis.pdf and came to the "chapter 6 examples" 
and found that the actual "colm" version do not accept the examples and 
there is no updated examples on it's repository.

I'm not sure that using backtick as literal start token is accordingly 
with "transformation language that is closer to general-purpose 
programming,languages", why not have both the convention string 
delimited with " or ' ?

Can the examples shown in the phd thesis be updated and available on 
it's repository ?

Also there was a commit that removed the tests and say that they moved 
to a test-colm repository but it doesn't seem to be available, can it be 
made available ?

Why not have "colm" and "ragel" mirrored on github ? It would make a lot 
easier for contributions.

Cheers !

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