Debugging feature for Ragel state machines

TMa t... at
Sun Aug 12 14:28:22 UTC 2007

Hi *,
when debugging own machine I found it's hard to detect problems. I
missed something like:

1) optional debug code included in generated files could help
testing own machines. E.g. a debug message could be printed out
current __LINE__,cs, to, stack, fpc and user info text. Currently I
tried create
a "$" action but it's not perfect, i think the action is not called
Or am I wrong?

2) can ragel tell if constructed machine is potentially ambigious and
where ? It's hard
to see if there is some problem part and I spent many days attemp/
mistake to
get work my machine generated from ABNF.

GraphViz diagram is perfect but it's hard to say where particular
circle/arrow come from and in my case it was also so huge I had
problem to open it. And it's not run-time debugging as well.

Otherwise Ragel is famous of course, thanks.

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