Newbie advice

ddri... at ddri... at
Mon Aug 27 14:25:07 UTC 2007


I'm trying to use Ragel to split apart a structured text file.  As a
simplified example, I want to split apart sections of a file separated
by "--" on its own line, e.g.:


This sample has four sections (the third one is empty).  I've got a
simple machine like this that seems to work:

    section = (any* $onChar '\n')? :>> "--\n" @onSection;
    main := section*;

The idea is that I buffer up section data in the onChar action, and
then I can process it in onSection.  While this machine does seem to
work, onChar is being called for the trailing "--".  I understand why
this is being done, but I'm looking for advice to work around it.
Should I just delete the trailing "--" in onSection?  Or is there a
better way?



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