[ragel-users] Re: ragel 5.23 released

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Wed Aug 1 22:41:59 UTC 2007

Steve Horne wrote:
> First, any chance of a new built-in machine? - one that never matches
> anything? The idea is to use it in placeholder rules, that will be
> filled in later - options that aren't implemented yet.

I don't understand this, filled in at what time? Could you please be
specific in terms of the compilation of a Ragel program.

> class classname
> {
>   static const int membername;
> };
> ...
> static const int classname::membername = 5;

Is there a particular reason to want table data in a class? I can
imagine wanting variables that identify states (such as start_state) in
the class, but I can't see a reason to want table data.


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