[ragel-users] json parser in ragel

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Wed Feb 7 23:23:34 UTC 2007

Hello Arne,

This style of parser, where you implement recursive structures by 
calling parsing functions, is something that I imagined you could with 
ragel, but I never actually tried it out. It's nice to see that it can 
work. Thanks for sharing it!

Question for you: If you had a dynamically-sized stack for fcall/fret 
would you have used that mechanism? Or would you still have prefered to 
separate the parser out into different functions?


Arne Goedeke wrote:
> Hello!
> i somewhat finished my json parser in ragel and would like to put it
> here for public discussion ,). also, thanks to you adrian for the cool
> software.
> the source-code is a little hard to read because it is full of ifdefs
> and glue to the pike api (i use the parser as a module in pike). in
> the first one i wrote i build my own stack to do the recursive parsing
> but found this solution much better due to its simplicity. here is the
> link:
> http://laramies.com/ragel/json/
> arne

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