[ragel-users] Reproducable crash

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Wed Jan 24 04:32:27 UTC 2007

The second argument (destState) of mergeStatesLeaving should never be 
null. Somehow a null value has gotten into the final state set of the 
machine starOp is applied to.

If you're willing to give me an account on your machine I can try to 
track it down remotely.


Alexander Strange wrote:
> #2  0x00020796 in FsmAp::mergeStatesLeaving (this=0x60a8c0,
> md=@0xbfffeda4, destState=0x0, srcState=0x610af0) at fsmgraph.cpp:1178
> #3  0x00021b7c in FsmAp::starOp (this=0x60a8c0) at fsmgraph.cpp:228

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