[ragel-users] reflection of the machine

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Fri Mar 2 22:48:52 UTC 2007

Jason wrote:
> Is it possible to get a representation of the machine to enable the
> following:
> 1) Get a string name or representation of a machine, labeled node, and
> action.
> 2) Provide defined constants for named nodes.

Not at present. My (rapidly expanding) Ragel TODO list contains an entry
about debugging. I would like to make it possible to retrieve the set of
machine definition paths corresponding to a state. I say set because a
single state may be a composition of several states that are defined in
different places in the regex grammar (think ambiguity). I would like to be
able to "step" through a state machine and map the current state back to the

> Is it possible to initialize a machine to a state other than the
> defined starting point?

See my post: Re: [ragel-users] Re: selecting a starting state or how to
serialize a machine DATED Fri, 02 Mar 2007 16:44:28 -0500


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