[ragel-users] Re: changes to ragel, feedback requested

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Mar 20 20:53:33 UTC 2007

Hi Jason, thanks for the feedback. Defaulting to the first/last is a
possibility. I'm not sure I like the requirement that cs be initialized
after the write init. Could be a source of bugs more common than the one
we're trying to prevent.

They should still be static. Why do you ask?


Jason wrote:
> Adrian,
> I think the  benefits are worth it.
> What if you defaulted to assigning cs to the first one and switch the
> order of your two example statements.
> ...
> %% write init;
> int cs = (some_test)? foo_en_main_v1 : foo_en_main_v2;
> This way cs is always initialized but is easily overridden by the
> developer.
> Also, are the declarations no longer static?
> thanks,
> Jason
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