[ragel-users] bootstrap from 5.16->5.19

Russell L. Carter rcar... at pinyon.org
Tue Mar 27 16:54:16 UTC 2007

I just tried the 5.19 tar.gz, that builds fine.

Russell L. Carter wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a workaround for getting from 5.16 to 5.19 svn?  5.16
> ragel won't compile 5.19's rl files.  Debian sadly is still
> back in 5.16 for the unstable package, and the 5.19 rpm's complain
> about needing GLIBC_2.4 when I install them on either my
> RHEL4, or 32bit debian boxen.
> I am motivated to try to do this to avoid having to pass through
> all those syntax changes I see in the changelog...
> Thanks,
> Russell
> > 

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