[ragel-users] Re: Parsing indented structures (again)

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Oct 2 22:32:42 UTC 2007

I recognize that this situation, where actions fail to execute without
warning, is not optimal.


Adrian Thurston wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> The problem is that leaving actions embedded in the final state of a
> scanner pattern action are not executed. In this case it is %term from
> double that is not executed.
> To solve this lift the term action up into the scanner pattern action.
> -Adrian
> Jonathan Stott wrote:
>> Hi again
>> I /almost/ have a working parser for my files now, but it isn't quite
>> working yet and I'm not entirely sure why it is happening.
>> The problem is that my terminal actions aren't being called, so the
>> strings I use atoi and atof on lack trailing zeros (and thus have a
>> random length), so parameters later down the file turn out wrong.
>> Very wrong if I start parsing file names, I imagine.
>> I've attached the code I'm working on to test the parser with, since
>> it's quite complicated to explain.  I apologise for how messy it is,
>> but the code has been editted quite a lot as I try to make it work...
>> The file I'm using to test looks like:
>> # File for testing
>> x: 100
>> currents:
>>   ina: 2 # comment here
>>   ito: 3
>> y: 11
>> and the output says that
>> x = 100
>> ina = 200
>> ito = 300
>> y = 110
>> Regards,
>> Jonathan.
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