[ragel-users] Re: tuning/optimizing scanners

Wincent Colaiuta w... at wincent.com
Fri Oct 5 17:15:33 UTC 2007

El 5/10/2007, a las 18:45, Adrian Thurston escribió:

> Hmmm, the -F1 option should be the fastest and you may get some  
> marginal
> speedups if you make the patterns mutually exclusive and as greedy as
> possible, but I suppose I'd have to suggest using C if real speed is
> what you're after.

And if you want to work from within Ruby, the fact that Ragel  
generates pure C code without any dependencies makes it an ideal  
candidate for insertion into a Ruby extension in C. A few high- 
profile Ruby projects do this, like Mongrel, Hpricot and SuperRedCloth.


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