[newbie] parsing CSS style

Mat| delgad... at caramail.com
Thu Oct 18 15:31:38 UTC 2007


First of all thanks for the quick answer!!!

On Oct 18, 4:13 pm, Adrian Thurston <thurs... at cs.queensu.ca> wrote:
> > - I have got a problem (maybe more than one but I could only
> > detect one !) with my machines, indeed in my expressions I always
> > have a terminating ";" character but for some reason the style_item
> > action is executed even if there is no terminating ";". For example,
> > if I use "background: green" as an input string, the style_item is
> > going to be executed but it should not because there is no ";" at
> > the end.
> Do you mean style_item_value action? The style_item action will get
> executed when leaving the name portion, in this case on the colon.

I am talking about the style_item action. I want it to be executed
when it's "complete", for me it means that everything has been
processed up to a ";". For the moment as your are pointing out it
is executed on the colon even if there is no ";" at the end (when
is no ";" the style machine should raise an error).

How can I change the .rl file to obey to this behaviour ?
I am a bit lost.


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