Starting out with Java

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Sun Sep 9 18:14:20 UTC 2007


I'm trying to understand the basics of using ragel in Java. But I
can't find any examples, so I'm struggling to get started.

I notice that "the test directory" is often referenced in posts here,
but no clue is given as to where this mysterious directory might be
found. That might be a help.

Taking simple.rl as a starting point, I so far have:

public class Ragel {

%% machine foo;

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		%% write data noerror nofinal;
		int cs, res = 0;
        if (args[0].length() > 0) {
			char[] data = args[0].toCharArray();
			int p = 0;
			int pe = data.length + 1;
    	        main := [a-z]+ 0 @{ res = 1; fbreak; };
        	    write init;
            	write exec;
		System.out.println("Execute = " + res);

However, this fails for matches with an out of bounds exception.But if
I set pe = data.length, then no matches are ever found.

Just a suggestion, but examples of simple.rl in Ruby and Java might
broaden your user base quite considerably. Putting the group on gmane
might also garner a lot more input.

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