how to compile using ragel

Steve Horne stephenhorne... at
Tue Sep 11 05:17:16 UTC 2007

ragel -C micheal.rl -o micheal.rlo
rlgen-cd micheal.rlo -l -o micheal.cpp

and possibly...

rlgen-dot micheal.rlo -o
dot       -Tpng -O

To generate dot visualisations in png format, using the (separate
download) GraphViz package.

The output of "ragel" is an intermediate file, which is processed
differently accoding to the output language. I'm using an "rlo"
extension to mean "ragel output", but there may be some other
convention that didn't stick in my mind. "rli" for "ragel
intermediate" would make more sense, now I think about it.

See section 5.4 of the Ragel manual.

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