Action at the Beginning of Starred Expression

Manfred_Nowak svv1... at
Sat Aug 23 12:58:11 UTC 2008

> Depending on the placement of the >{} action it is either
> executed every time a is found or only on the first a.

Arne, thank you for this suggestion, but it requires to know about the
decomposition of `e', which I gave for explanation only.

I understand Adrian's design decision, for excluding by default the
start state of a machine from some inner loops, as your example shows.
But your example also shows, that you also seems to be unaware of a
possibility to overwrite this default.

I need to overwrite this default, because I want to use ragel as a
code generator and I do not know about the composition of the regular
expression in general. Of course I can decompose it in a preprocessing
step :-(

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