[ragel-users] Problem with tag comment implementation

Hardik Parikh hardik_parikh at persistent.co.in
Fri Dec 19 10:26:50 UTC 2008



    I have requirement to consider following as valid comment in source



             Some description ...



  And following is invalid comment



             Some description ...



And for above requirement I need to capture token string and performed match
operation as there is no inbuilt support for backward reference in ragel

I tried out with following implementation


action mark_start{

     start = fpc+1;

    // printf(" Mark start at %c\n",fc);


 action tagstart{

    size_t len = fpc - start ;

    s = calloc(len,sizeof(char));



  //  printf("Start : %s\n",s);



 action tagend{

    size_t len = fpc - start ;

    e = calloc(len,sizeof(char));



   stringcmp = strncmp(e,s,sizeof(s));

    //printf("End : %s\n",e);



   curl_tag_comment =

    '|'@mark_start (nonnewline - ws)* '#'@tagstart @comment(

      newline %{ entity = INTERNAL_NL; } %curl_ccallback




      (nonnewline - ws) @comment

    )* :>> ('#'@mark_start (nonnewline - ws)* '|' @tagend  when { stringcmp
== 0}) @comment;



Now I am able to capture both start and end substring properly and able to
do math operation in when condition but it produces as a valid commet in
parser for even a non valid statement.




curl comment |abc#

curl comment             Some  description ...

curl comment  #xyz|


Please provide me any suggestions where I am doing something wrong or is
there any other better way to implement the same.


Thanks & Regards

Hardik Parikh


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