[ragel-users] Is it possible for ragel to output more descriptive error messages?

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Sat Feb 16 16:31:13 UTC 2008

Sure that can certainly be improved. What's is probably happening is
that one of the sub processes is segfaulting or running out of memory.
Post or send me the offending ragel code if you can. Reducing it down in
size while still causing the error is always good too.


Manoj Rajagopalan wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
>    I have a big parser that I have written up using Ragel. Even though 
> it is modular, ragel sometimes dies with the message "ragel did not exit 
> normally".
>   Could ragel provide more info about the location and cause of the errors?
> thanks
> Manoj
> > 

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