problem compiling trunk: ragel failed to exec ragel

Stephen Bannasch stephen.banna... at
Tue Jul 15 21:27:33 UTC 2008

I've got this version installed:

$ ragel --version
Ragel State Machine Compiler version 6.1 March 2008
Copyright (c) 2001-2007 by Adrian Thurston

When I try and compile trunk I get this error:

$ make
echo '#define VERSION "6.2"' > version.h
echo '#define PUBDATE "March 2008"' >> version.h
echo '#define PREFIX "/Users/stephen/dev/local"' >> version.h
g++ -c -g -Wall  -I../aapl -o common.o common.cpp
ar -cr common.a common.o
ranlib common.a
gperf -L C++ -t xmltags.gperf > xmltags.cpp
ragel -G2 -o xmlscan.cpp xmlscan.rl
ragel: failed to exec ragel
make[1]: *** [xmlscan.cpp] Error 1
make: *** [redfsm] Error 2

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