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Fri May 23 09:07:17 UTC 2008

Ok, so I tried harder and read the URL spec (RFC 1738) and did a direct 
translation from the ABNF syntax to Ragel syntax and now it works (almost).

I still have a few (actually a lot) of questions:

1 - If you see my code (attached) you will see I parse the scheme, 
hostname, port and path parts of the URL using almost identical
     actions. The only difference is the variables used to store the 
parsed strings. Is there a way to pass the actions some variables?
     So I can create a single function and pass the variable to store as 
a parameter?

2 - For some reason the last parsing never finishes. If I pass an URL 
like "http://hostname" the parser gives me the scheme "http" but
     not the hostname. If I pass an URL like "http://hostname:8080" the 
parser outputs the scheme and hostname but not the port. And if
     I provide a path like "http://hostname:8080/file.html" the parser 
gives me all except for the path. As you see the last string never get's
     parsed and I don't know why??.

3 - Is there a better/cleaner way to do this??


hsanson wrote:
> To learn how to use Ragel I am implementing a simple URL parser that
> receives something like "http://www.ragel.com:8080/file.txt" and
> returns each part (scheme, hostname, port, path) as strings. As I
> understand doing this with Ragel should be a breeze.
> Still there is something I am not getting right and would like some
> advice, see code below:
> The scheme part seems to work so I assume my understanding of Ragel is
> not that bad. The problem is with the hostname and port parts. The
> hostname action gets called for each character on the hostname, that
> is not the intended behavior and the port action never gets called.
> Any tips to take me back on track would be greatly appreciated.
> Horacio

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