[ragel-users] Patches to avoid build_parsers=yes/no change at dist

Adrian Thurston thurston at complang.org
Sat Apr 18 18:19:34 UTC 2009

I have a new solution: use the dist-hook like before but this time use 
"cp -p" and "touch -r" to reset the modified times of the configure.in 
and configure files after they are modified. This fixes the reconfigure 
on make issue from before.

I don't think these options are portable to older UNIX systems but my 
rationale is that "make dist" is a maintainer command anyways, and it 
isn't necessary to use it just to get ragel built and working on an 
older system.


Diego E. “Flameeyes” Pettenò wrote:
> Just as a proof of concept now, I haven't converted the manual to the
> same effect, just the parsers regeneration.
> The two attached patches (from git-svn) use the same technique I used
> for feng to make ragel an optional dependency for users but a mandatory
> one for developers: if the generated files are missing, and either ragel
> or kelbt cannot be found, the configure is aborted; if both are found,
> whether the generated files exist or not, parsers regeneration is
> enabled.
> If this is acceptable I can make the same change to the manual
> regeneration; otherwise I can add a ./configure option so that the
> rebuild only happens if the files don't exist _or_ if an option is
> provided to the ./configure call.
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