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Ragel wasn't designed to support the HSM paradigm. What you can do is use arbitrary ragel expressions as transitions when building state charts but I don't think this is the same.

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Dear ML,

again with hsm (hierarchical state machine) question. I had a look
around but I cannot find any clue.I'm trying to post my question on
this subject.

Hsm, defined by David Harel, introduced a state hierarchy (see i.e.
for more infos). I would like to express state hierarchy with ragel
statechart but I cannot find a comfortable solution. One way is to
convert Hsm machine in a flat Fsm (with no state hierarchy) and then
define the latter in ragel, this step could be automated but I wonder
if there is a straight way.

Simple example: suppose we have 3 state S1, S11 and S12, with S12 and
S11 are substate of S1, and 3 signal s0, s1, s2 where s0 is handled
only by S1 and, say S12; s1 and s2 are handled by S12 and S11.

With a "pseudo notation" like signal/action -> <newstate> (-> indicate

S1 {s0/action_s0_S1}
S11 {s1/action_s1_S11 , s2/action_s2_S11 -> S12}
S12 {s1/action_s1_S12 -> S11, s2/action_s2_S12, s0/action_s0_S12}

For the signal 's0' I would like to have in S12 the action
'action_s0_S12' but in S1 the action defined by the super-state S1,

Thank you in advance for your help!


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