[ragel-users] Ragel and protocol analysis

Alan alan at alanz.com
Thu Feb 5 14:11:21 UTC 2009

On 5 Feb 2009, at 08:37, Horacio Sanson wrote:

> Once I tried to implement a transport protocol parser with ragel but
> since ragel works with text strings any binary protocol (TCP, UDP, IP)
> would be difficult to parse. For example how would you match a TCP or
> IP header using text strings?

As the header is already in the form of a known structure, what is  
left to parse?

> In the other hand text based protocols (RTSP, SDP, etc..) are a LOT
> easier to do with Ragel.

But they waste bandwidth and cycles, because they aren't already in a  
tight pre-determined structure. ;-)

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