[ragel-users] Autoconf/automake spport for Ragel

Adrian Thurston thurston at complang.org
Sat Mar 14 01:13:26 UTC 2009


By the way, I've been using automake lately and I'll probably move ragel 
over to it after the next release (which contains a big restructuring). 
I wasn't so warm to it before, but I've been using it at work lately and 
it's growing on me :)


Diego E. 'Flameeyes' Pettenò wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> since I wrote these for a project I'm working on, I thought they might
> be useful to others too; they should be pretty generic and well suited
> for being integrated in other projects.
> There are two macros, CHECK_RAGEL and CHECK_RAGEL_AM, the latter will
> enable the HAVE_RAGEL conditional, while the former will just do the
> autoconf check.
> The macros both accept a single parameter, the relative path to a source
> file generated by Ragel (i.e.: the .c file not the .rl file) that can be
> checked to be present or not.
> The make rule uses RAGELFLAGS to pass extra options to Ragel so the user
> is able to choose a different FSM implementation rather than the default
> -T0.
> HTH,
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