[ragel-users] union operator and thread-local variables

Adrian Thurston adrian.thurston at esentire.com
Thu Oct 29 12:39:55 UTC 2009

I do recognize the value of such a feature, and I would like to add 
features that make programming in Ragel a better experience, however, 
the feature that you describe is just not possible in Ragel. A mapping 
from the current input character and current state to some thread 
context is beyond the limits of the DFA execution model, to which the 
Ragel compiler is confined.


Devin Bayer wrote:
> Hi Adrian:
> After our discussion I think I can express this more clearly. 
> Ragel works well to recognize my grammar but doesn't expose the 
> primitive constructs required to determine context, which is 
> important for extracting values from the input stream.
> Workarounds are available but they require an unmaintainable 
> amount of copy & pasting and are less efficient, since they use 
> backtracking or duplication of all shared states. A macro 
> language would improve the situation, but it would only hide the 
> complexity.
> My proposal would make ragel easier to use. Constructs like 
> matching text before ']]>', which the manual admits cannot be 
> expressed using ragel's RE operators, would become simpler.
> Each state is in one or more threads.  It doesn't require any 
> runtime overhead to make this information available and I don't 
> see any major hurdles with keeping track of the information in 
> the compiler.  It doesn't require action rewriting, just building 
> one more piece of data.
> So my concern is not about implementation, but that you don't 
> recognize the value of this feature.
> Thanks,
> Devin
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