[ragel-users] Bug or feature?

Alexander Shashkevych alexander at stunpix.com
Thu Aug 19 15:12:18 UTC 2010

Hello folks!

  I'm using ragel to parse my project configs and faced with strange ragel
behavior. Seems I've found a bug, but I'm not sure. So, use case was

Input cpp file contained:

 . . .
   write data;
   write init;
   write exec;
. . .
   DBG_ERROR(("ConfigReader::readConfig: error opening config file '%s'!",
configFile.getBuffer() ));

DBG_ERROR is my debug macro.

After compiling this file using ragel I've found that block %%{ . . . }%%
wasn't processed by ragel and was leaved as is in destination cpp file.

When I changed '%s' to %s (without quotes) problem has gone! Seems '%s'
substring makes ragel crazy. =)

Someone faced with something like this?

*With kindest regards,*
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