[ragel-users] Greedy star operator

Alexander Laslavic alex.laslavic at turner.com
Tue Jul 20 18:56:57 UTC 2010

This is a problem I come up against over and over again:

    action start_text { printf("start_text") }
    action end_text {printf("end_text")}

    text = any**;
    Text = text >start_text %end_text;

    Element = Text;

    main := Element*;

Essentially, the start_text and end_text actions get called for every
character.  If I take the star operator off of Element, it works fine, but
if Element has a star operator, ragel is preferring to repeat the Element
over repeating the any** in 'text'.

Is there some way I am not aware of to get it to prefer the inner

Alex Laslavic
Lead Engineer - Turner DMT

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