[ragel-users] Ragel grammars for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Brian Pane brianp at brianp.net
Tue Jun 15 12:51:07 UTC 2010

I made some Ragel grammars for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as part of a
project.  Just in case they're useful to anybody else out there, I've
released them under the Apache license:

http://github.com/brianpane/jitify-core (look in the src/core
subdirectory for the *.rl files).

Each is based on the corresponding language's spec, but modified to
reduce nondeterminism and to try to be more forgiving of real-world
content.  The grammars are by no means perfect, but they might serve
as a decent starting point for other folks who need to parse those


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