[ragel-users] JavaScript code generation for Ragel

Adrian Thurston thurston at complang.org
Mon Oct 11 18:54:21 UTC 2010

Great, thanks for working on this!

Did you have a look at the java code generator? There were a few 
concessions that had to be made in the Ruby code generator that might 
not need to be made in JS.


On 10-10-11 04:07 AM, Dominic Marks wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got the table code generation strategy working. I'm going to work
> on building a set of RL files for testing purposes and then have a crack
> at writing a code generation backend that targets modern JavaScript VMs
> (e.g. produces JavaScript that best suits a JIT/tracer). If anyone would
> like to help with any part of this process, I'd be most grateful.
> I've forked Ragel trunk into a github repo while I work on this. There
> is a sample script (I translated the maillbox.rl file from the Ragel
> distribution) which you can play with if you install Node.js (a
> JavaScript application framework powered by Google's V8 VM). Note that
> while the sample script uses Node.js for IO, but the code generated is
> plain JavaScript. I look forward to being able to use Ragel in the
> browser soon too.
> Github:
> http://github.com/dominicmarks/ragel-js
> A diff against Ragel trunk is here:
> http://goodforbusiness.co.uk/~dom/ragel-js-20101011.diff
> <http://goodforbusiness.co.uk/%7Edom/ragel-js-20101011.diff>
> The code is mostly a cut-paste-and-replace from Ruby at the moment. I'll
> be tidying it up over the next few weeks, as my time allows. However, it
> does at least run one Ragel state machine correctly already.
> Mailbox.rl/Mailbox.js:
> http://goodforbusiness.co.uk/~dom/mailbox.js
> <http://goodforbusiness.co.uk/%7Edom/mailbox.js> (Requires Node.js).
> Cheers,
> Dom
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