[ragel-users] access prefix

Adrian Thurston thurston at complang.org
Mon Apr 25 16:06:50 UTC 2011


The p, pe, and eof variables are not modified because they do not need 
to be maintained across partial executions of state machines. They are 
normally declared as local variables in the function that contains the 
write exec.

The cs variable should be modified. If you are finding it isn't for some 
language, then that would definitely be a bug.


On 11-04-25 12:37 AM, ygrek wrote:
> Hello,
>   Is there any reason why %access defines prefix for all state variables except some (p,pe,cs,eof)?
>   I think it would be useful to specify prefix for all state variables (and then override some variables if
>   needed with individual %variable declarations).

Dr. Adrian D. Thurston

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