[ragel-users] BUG while processing import directive

ragel-user at jgoettgens.de ragel-user at jgoettgens.de
Mon Jul 11 14:15:55 UTC 2011

I am currently running the debug version unter VS. The original source code 
does not contain all the _MSVC related patches, so I have to add them by 
hand for every new release && this time I have forgotten to add a patch in 
(at least) 2 places. I have not used the "import" statement myself so far, 
but unfortunately the "include" statement is affected as well. After I'll 
have finished my basic tests I'll publish a fresh version in about 30 
minutes, or so.

It looks as if there is more than the Windows path handling since invalid 
names of imported files do not seem to get caught as is the case for the 
include statement, but let me first fix the Windows related part.


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