[ragel-users] ragel didn't rename data variable for C# code.

Denis Naumov alexander.me at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 06:38:45 UTC 2011

Thanks :)

I know about .rules files.  but this is a little not what I need.
It's not problem to setup project options after project creation.

before ragel i used re2c compiler and there was in-file-options like
        re2c:yyfill:enable = 1;
        re2c:yyfill:check  = 1;


and before re2c i used flex. Flex has in-file scanner options like
     %option   8bit reentrant bison-bridge
     %option   warn nodefault
     %option   yylineno
     %option   outfile="scanner.c" header-file="scanner.h"

For my developing i use VisualStudio .NET/2008/2010 and C++/C#.

build .rules file - used in VS.NET/2008, but VS 2010 - not work with
this. 2010 have .target files for this.
and this all - only for C/C++. In C# projects there is no .rules files at all.
For C# projects VS use "Custom tool" - for code generators. I write
custom tool extention for VS to call ragel, but command line options -
it's problem.
There is no simple way to pass command line options to ragel.
Now my custom tool read comment like this:
           // BUILD-COMMAND-LINE: -L -A
from first string of rl file and pass it to ragel.

In this all situations - simplest universal way to save options for
various projects - save them in rl file (IMHO).
like re2c or flex. Something like
    %%option name = value;
And - this options is simple to change from IDE while writing file.
Just change text in file rather than clicks for menu and dialog boxes
every time.

If the same option set from rl file and from command line - option
value from command line have max priority or vice versa.

Ragel have %%alphtype ... %%variable ... and other commands. I think
it's not so difficult to add %% option name=value; command for command
line options.

it's all my IMHO. :)

Best regards,
Denis Naumov.

PS: Sprry for bad english. :)

2011/3/24  <ragel-user at jgoettgens.de>:
> Whoops---I probably deleted part of a sentence shortly before I hit the send
> button...
> ...
> The build chain is just a little bit longer. Due to the mapping betwen the
> suffix .rl to the rules, Ragel now looks almost like a VisualStudio tool.
> jg
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