[ragel-users] Bug? Backslash-escapes not escaped enough in .dot files?

Austin Hastings ah08010-ragel at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 27 10:04:21 UTC 2011


I'm poring over some .dot files, trying to understand what's wrong with 
my tokenizer. And I'm on Windows (XPpro, sp3, en-us), which means that 
my stuff probably doesn't work like anyone else's.

I can see the .dot file contains labels generated like '\\t'  (that's 

But dotty is suppressing the backslash, for some reason.

If I change them to 4 slashes:  '\\\\t' then I see one slash in the 
dotty window.

Is this a ragel bug (not generating the right number of slashes) or a 
dotty bug (ignoring too many slashes) ?

For example:

     2 -> 2 [ label = "'\\t', '\\f'..'\\r', SP / whitespace_act, 
buffer_input" ];
     2 -> 2 [ label = "'\\n' / newline_act, whitespace_act, buffer_input" ];


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