[ragel-users] utf-8 files problem

Denis Naumov alexander.me at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 06:05:07 UTC 2011

Hi, Adrian.

I found some problem with generated files on Windows platform.
if *.rl file is utf-8 file with signature (first 2 bytes EF BB).

input file lexer.rl
----- START ---------------
//=== this is first line (comment)
... // other lines
----- END ---------------

output file lexer.cs
----- START ---------------
/* #line 1 "lexer.rl" */
?//=== this is first line (comment)
... // other lines
----- END ---------------

ragel puts /* #line 1 "lexer.rl" */ comment before utf-8 signature at
the begining of file and this is wrong utf-8 file.

And second - if we disable #line generation with option -L, you remove
generation /* #line */ - not just comment this lines.

Best regards,
Denis Naumov.

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