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2012/2/20 <ragel-user at jgoettgens.de>

>   Ivan,
> so you need to mark the beginning and the end of either “command” or
> “data” mode given the keywords “*OPEN*”  and “*CLOS*”. Right? Once matched
> it is entirely up to you what to do with the matched text (User Actions,
> chapter 3). You could post a typical token stream and an outline of your
> ragel specs. Otherwise it is difficult to see the cause of your problem.
> jg
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I'm sorry if my post wasn't clear enough.

I've managed to achieve the results that I expect, although I don't know if
it is the most effective way to do it. I'm gonna post it in this e-mail. My
objective is to read the stream of characters between the *OPEN* and *CLOS*
"tokens". Thanks in advance for any tips or insights on this.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdbool.h>


    machine test;

    action open_found {
        printf("FOUND OPEN\r\n");
        fgoto data;
    action close_found {
        printf("FOUND CLOSE\r\n");
        fgoto main;
    action new_data_char {
        printf("NEW CHAR: %c, lock: %d\n", fc, lock_data);
        if (!lock_data)
            rec[count++] = fc;
    action close_candidate {
        printf("CLOSE CANDIDATE: %c\n", fc);
        lock_data = true;
        cacount = 0;
        fhold; fgoto clos;
    action not_close {
        printf("NOT CLOSE: %c, candidate: %s, cacount: %d\n", fc,
candidate, cacount);
        lock_data = false;
        strncat(rec, candidate, cacount);
        count += cacount;
        fgoto data;
    action store_candidate_char {
        printf("CANDIDATE CHAR: %c\n", fc);
        candidate[cacount++] = fc;

    open = /.*\*OPEN\*/;
    close = /.*\*CLOS\*/;

    main :=
        (open %open_found)+;

    data := /.*\*/ @~new_data_char %~close_candidate;
    clos := /\*CLOS\*/ $/{fbreak;} $store_candidate_char @!(not_close)


%% write data;

const char *p, *pe, *eof;
int cs;
const char *ts, *te;
int act;
int stack[128] = {0};
int top;

char rec[1024] = {0};
unsigned int count = 0;
char candidate[1024] = {0};;
unsigned int cacount = 0;
bool lock_data = false;

bool parse(const char * str) {
    p = str; pe = str + strlen(str); eof = pe;

    %% write exec;

    return true;

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
    char buf[2048] =

    %% write init;


    printf("data[%d] = %s\n", count, rec);
    return 0;
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