[ragel-users] MSVC-friendly -GT2 mode

Victor Khimenko khim at chromium.org
Sun May 13 12:35:35 UTC 2012


I want to propose yet-another mode for ragel: -GT2. This is goto-driven fsm
which sometimes uses tables.

A bit of background. We've tried to use ragel to process x86 instructions
stream. This produces large FSM (about thousand states and similar number
of actions) which works fine with GCC, but which works much less fine with

Initially we've used MSVC 2008 and the main problem was slow compilation
(where GCC required about minute to compile the G2-mode FSM with full
optimization MSVC took half-hour to hour depending on what exactly we've
tried to do with a stream) and slow execution (code produced by MSVC 2008
was about 45% slower then code produced by GCC). But when we've tried to
switch to MSVC 2010 we've hit worse problem: now compilation is instant
(about 4-5 seconds), but execution speed is awful (almost three times
slower then what GCC is producing). Looks like MSVC 2010 stops optimization
attempts if it sees too many basic blocks and gotos. We've played a bit
with different options and they all produce much slower code. Thus we've
tried to take -G2 mode and "fix it": if the state has too many different
transitions then we are using cs-dispatch table and _again switch. This
produces version which is slower by about 20% on GCC but is faster then
what MSVC 2008 produced by about the same 20% (MSVC 2008, MSVC 2010 and GCC
have about the same speed in this case). And the compilation now takes 2-3
minutes instead of hour. What do you think about it?

Patch is attached. Note: the threshold (32 comparisons) is picked to make
-G2 and -GT2 FSMs similar in size. On x86 comparison takes three bytes,
jump takes six bytes, but you need about 1.5-2 times as much comparisons as
you have final outcomes to guarantee there are O(log k) compleity, not O(k)
complexity (compiler ensures this... if number of basic blocks as
reasonable, that is). The exact number varies depending on options of the
compiler and the exact nature of FSM and usually lies between 30 and 35
thus 32 looks like good round number (minor variations produce tiny changes
in speed and size as you can guess).

P.S. Patch must probably be cleaned up a bit, but I wanted to discuss the
feasibility of said mode first.
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