[ragel-users] A generic eof action from a ragel scanner

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Tue Feb 19 15:14:02 UTC 2013

I am playing with a typical toy calculator written with ragel and lemon, in C. The scanner is defined like this:

  main := |*
    number => num_tok;
    '('    => lparen_tok;
    ')'    => rparen_tok;
    '+'    => plus_tok;
    '-'    => minus_tok;
    '*'    => mul_tok;
    '/'    => div_tok;
    '^'    => pow_tok;

Each of the *_tok actions calls the lemon-generated parser. For example:

  action pow_tok    { CalcParser(parser, TOKEN_POW, 0); }
  action num_tok    { CalcParser(parser, TOKEN_NUM, get_num(ts, te)); }

The idea is to pass each argv[] character as a separate expression to compute. So this execution:

./calc 2+3*4 7-5 "2   +    4"

Should output three lines:

Since the lemon parser has to be informed about the EOF condition, what I am doing is manually informing the parser of this condition right when I have finished processing each one of the argv[] arguments:

calc_exec(argv[i], strlen(argv[i]));
void calc_exec (const char* data, int len)
    const char* p = data;
    const char* pe = data + len;  // Should this be len+1?
    const char* eof = pe;

    %% write exec;

    /* Make sure we inform the parser we saw the whole input */
    CalcParser(parser, 0, 0);

But what I would really like to do is to add a "generic EOF action" to the scanner, that issued this final call to the parser:

  ??? %eof(CalcParser(parser, 0, 0);)

I have not been able to found how to specify this "generic EOF action" to my ragel scanner. Is this even possible? Is it the right approach?

Thanks for any help. And thanks for the great tool that ragel is.

Gonzalo Diethelm
DCV Chile

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