[ragel-users] C++11, new narrowing rules and unsigned char on ARM

Adrian Thurston thurston at complang.org
Wed Nov 27 01:57:32 UTC 2013

You mean allow the set of


as alphtypes?

Only downside I can think of is that it requires an include. User would 
need to do that, since there is no suitable write statement. I don't 
like that aspect of it, but if it's the best solution for portability 
then we should go with it.

On 13-11-25 07:47 PM, Jan Kundrát wrote:
> On Tuesday, 26 November 2013 01:19:24 CEST, Adrian Thurston wrote:
>> Perhaps some explicit configure options specifying target architecture
>> is the way to go.
> That breaks the goal of providing platform-agnostic release tarballs.
> What drawbacks of using uint8_t etc do you see?
> Jan

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