[ragel-users] C++11, new narrowing rules and unsigned char on ARM

Jan Kundr√°t jkt at flaska.net
Wed Sep 18 14:05:39 UTC 2013

Hi Adrian,
I'm using Ragel for parsing of e-mail headers as per RFC5322. When porting 
this project to ARM (MeeGo Harmattan, Nokia N9), I've noticed that it fails 
to build after I enable C++11 features using clang 3.3. Here is the error 

error: constant expression evaluates to -128 which cannot be narrowed to 
type 'char' [-Wc++11-narrowing]
        39, 42, 127, 10, 9, 32, -128, -1, 
note: override this message by inserting an explicit cast
        39, 42, 127, 10, 9, 32, -128, -1, 
                                static_cast<char>( )

So the problem is that the signedness rules for the host (machine running 
ragel producing the .cpp file with parser) and target (the target platform 
of the C++ compiler which is producing Ragel's output) do not match. That's 
a big problem, and it isn't limited just to chars, actually -- because 
Ragel's code uses platform's native types instead of the portable ones, 
there's no guarantee that ragel's int can fit the data of the target's 
size, etc. I've solved this by patching ragel to use C's int<num>_t types, 
please see the commit at [1]. That patch fixes my problem.

In addition, before I realized that I'm actually looking for the ragel-6 
branch, I spent some time playing with master before I finding out that 
it's some kind of a rewrite. The same bug applies there as well. Before I 
was able to get the master branch to build on my system, I had to make the 
following changes:

* Fixing a build failure due to a bug in colm's headers [2]. I see you're 
upstream for that project, too, perhaps you can fix it in there as well.

* Making sure that version.h is generated [3].

After that, I simply added a rule to always treat chars as signed [4]. 
That's arguably a wrong change; the code shall probably do the same thing 
as [1]. I don't have time for this now.

And finally, when I tried the patched master, I found out that my ragel 
parser won't compile anymore -- please see the file at [5]. The error 
message I get is that it cannot find the "CRLF" symbol which is defined in 
the included .rl file [6]. That looks like a regression in the rewrite.

Thanks for a cool software -- I hope these patches are OK and that you'll 
merge them.



Trojit√°, a fast Qt IMAP e-mail client -- http://trojita.flaska.net/

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