[ragel-users] Grammer containing union of many expressions

Nico Verwer nverwer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 09:09:27 UTC 2014

On 19-2-2014 19:53, Adrian Thurston wrote:
> You might try refactoring the strings to pull out common prefixes. When you're doing this, incrementally add in machines to see where the cost is.
> ------Original Message------
> I have a grammar that Ragel cannot generate (Java) code for. It just stops
> working without any (visible) error message.
> My grammar contains more than 30,000 rules of the form
>    nameX = "title 1" | "title 2" | ... ;
> and then one rule which is the union of all of the 32,000 nameX:
>    allOfThese = nameX | nameY | ... | nameZ ;
> It is the last rule (allOfThese) that makes Ragel crash.
I think pulling out common prefixes will help. I thought the parser 
generator would do that, but now I understand it doesn't.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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