[ragel] [PATCH] document fall-through cases in a generated code

Rinat Ibragimov ibragimovrinat at mail.ru
Wed Aug 23 21:56:58 UTC 2017

GCC looks into the comment and suppresses the warning based on
its text.  There are actually a number of regular expressions
that are matched against the comment. There is a more detailed
description at

Sorry, I don't get the part about developer vs. warning.

>Среда, 23 августа 2017, 21:38 +03:00 от Adrian Thurston <thurston at colm.net>:
>Hi Rinat, does gcc suppress the error if a comment is seen, or is this 
>only for a developer who looks at the warning and then code?
>On 2017-08-21 17:24, Rinat Ibragimov wrote:
>> Hi.
>> GCC7's Wimplicit-fallthrough diagnostics triggers a lot on generated C
>> code in "-G2" mode. It was intended to catch errors, in hope that
>> developer would document places where code is intended to fall through
>> case statement. But currently there are no such comments in a generated
>> code.
>> Patch is against ragel-6 branch.
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