[ragel] Ragel sanitise output - memory leaks

Samuel Williams space.ship.traveller at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 21:34:54 UTC 2017

Here is some log output from a build which invokes ragel to generate
several parsers. I've cut out (most) unimportant output.

The source code for the parsers:

The results from running Ragel several times with LLVM sanitisers:

The main issue I can see are memory leaks, but there could be other issues.

Since Ragel is a one-shot "compiler", perhaps it's not important to address
these, except as a matter of correctness.

I think there are potential problem with memory leaks and they might be
covering up bigger issues - there might be cases where memory is being
accessed incorrectly but it's not causing a crash because it's not freed at
the right point etc.

I'd suggest that if there is a test suite for Ragel, it's updated to run
with the undefined behaviour sanitiser and address sanitiser - both provide
useful output IMHO.

Happy to provide more feedback.

Kind regards,
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