[ragel-users] Why not prepend a prefix to variables used by ragel?

Adrian Thurston thurston at colm.net
Sat Feb 23 04:52:09 UTC 2019

You can use the variable and access statements (section 5 of the 

Changing the default behaviour at this point would break every ragel 
program out there and that's not something I'm interested in doing.

On 2019-02-22 21:23, Peng Yu wrote:
> The variables mentioned in section 5.1 "Variables Used by Ragel"
> manual are very much like common names. It will be confusing to look
> at ragel code written in this way. Why not consider adding a prefix,
> e.g., rg_, to them to make it less confusing? Thanks.
> - cs
> - p
> - ...

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