[ragel-users] project changes

Eric Wong e at 80x24.org
Sun Sep 8 15:48:01 EDT 2019

Adrian Thurston <thurston at colm.net> wrote:
> Also I've noticed a large number of users wanting to use
> systems like stack exchange. Right now I'm not sure of the
> future of the mailing lists. We will see I guess.

Hi Adrian, I'd much prefer if email remained an option in case I
have questions.

I don't do JavaScript or web-based UIs outside of what w3m/lynx
can handle and don't know C++, so no opinions on the dev side.

As such, I've mostly given up being a software developer but I
still maintain some low-profile, legacy Free Software projects
which rely on Ragel since 2008 or so.

Thanks for Ragel!

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