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Adrian Thurston thurston at colm.net
Mon Mar 20 04:21:21 UTC 2017

A longstanding bug has been fixed in ragel 6.X and 7.X.


Text of the original message to the old list:

source attached.

ragel -L -C -G2 -e -p  smtp.rl

smtp.c:167:2: error: label ‘_again’ used but not defined

$ ragel -v
Ragel State Machine Compiler version 6.6 Dec 2009
Copyright (c) 2001-2009 by Adrian Thurston

Also, -T0 compiles OK, but does not work as expected. How to debug ?
graphviz diagrams says that everything is fine.

Segmentation fault

Dr. Adrian D. Thurston
Chief Scientist
Colm Networks

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