[ragel-users] Generating Java source code

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Nov 21 17:51:18 UTC 2006


I would still consider Java code generation to be experimental. A number of 
tests do pass, however there is a big change which need to be made. Colin 
Fleming reported that Java has a 64K limit on array sizes which causes 
compilation to fail for large machines. He even provided a patch, though it 
hasn't been integrated yet because I've been slowly mulling over the problem 
... more like sulking actually. I think part of me really wants to believe 
that the limit will magically go away. Anyways, a fix should come soonish.

In the meantime it may well be that Mongrel's parser is small enough that 
this limit is not hit.


Steve Shreeve wrote:
> Ragel users (and devs),
> What is the current status of being able to generate java code? I
> apologize if this has already been discussed at length (I didn't see
> any previous comments).
> Does the current Java code generation work? Anyone looking at a Java
> version of mongrel's HTTP 1.1 parser?
> Thanks,
> Steve Shreeve

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